Eerie Wanda


Eerie Wanda began as the music project of Dutch singer/songwriter Marina Tadic.  Born in Zenica, Bosnia and raised in The Netherlands, Marina joined the Amsterdam group Earth Mk. II on guitar after graduating art school in 2012.  Finding inspiration in bands like The Velvet Underground, Beat Happening, & Young Marble Giants, Marina decided to try her hand at writing her own songs.


After a collection of her bedroom demos began circulating among friends in the Amsterdam music scene they eventually made their way to veteran producer/bassist Jasper Verhulst (formerly of Lola Kite/Moss, currently in Jacco Gardner) who encouraged her to put a band together and record a proper album.  After adding Bram Vervaet (formerly of Lola Kite) on lead guitar and Nic Niggebrugge on drums, tracking began for the debut Eerie Wanda album in an old Cold War-era bunker in Vondelpark, Amsterdam. Their first live shows were met with much enthusiasm and a slot supporting L.A. band the Allah-las for several dates on a European tour was quickly secured.


Eerie Wanda is marked by Marina’s sepia-toned songs, sung in a dreamy tenor and based around timeless melodies and arrangements. The songs stick to a classic formula, evoking a warm summery nostalgia and drawing comparisons to Angel Olsen, Broadcast, & the tuneful dynamics of Buddy Holly.


Eerie Wanda’s debut album (produced and engineered by Jasper Verhulst) will be released in early 2016.


Agent: Marije van Veen

Label: N/A

Territory: Worldwide

Availability: 2016

foto- Eerie Wanda